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Discover Hidden Valley

classroom of young students

Set the PACE and SOAR!

The Hidden Valley Hawks set the PACE by focusing on Pride, Academics, Citizenship and Effort. We accomplish our goals by always remembering to be Safe, On task, Always responsible and Respectful.

Focusing on these areas help students learn how to work together and grow in their learning!

elementary students in classroom

Community Strong

Our diverse student population makes our school a wonderful place. We believe in the power of building relationships to have the best environment to learn and work together. 

We build community in our classrooms through morning and closing meetings and restorative practices that help us care for each other.

Our partnership with our families is very important, and we are always striving to find ways to learn from and with our families.

Inclusive Classrooms

We are focused on designing and delivering engaging curriculum in ways that recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each student and culture represented at our school. We want our school to be a place where each child feels significant, valued, seen, and has a voice.