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Learning Technology

ParentVUE (Student Data)

ParentVUE accounts provide families direct access to their child’s information and data. ParentVUE enables families to monitor their child's educational progress and includes the following information:  

  • Attendance
  • Quarterly Progress Grades
  • Health information
  • Student schedules
  • Meal account information
  • Emergency contacts

District 191 encourages all families to create a ParentVUE account. 


student playing with robot

Connecting to the Classroom

Depending on what grade students are in, District 191 uses two platforms that allow families to track their students' learning in real time. Elementary students use Seesaw as a digital classroom, and students in grades 4–12 use Schoology to track class materials, assignments, turned-in work, daily grades, and class calendars. 

These connections bring families into the classroom and provide an ongoing snapshot of how and what your student is doing in school.

Seesaw (Grades K-3)

Seesaw is an Elementary Learning Experience platform that offers a suite of tools, resources, curriculum with interactive lessons, digital portfolios, and two-way communication features that provide continuous visibility into the student's learning journey to support and celebrate their learning.  In District One91, Seesaw is used by PreK-3rd grade students and staff.

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Schoology (Grades 4-12)

Schoology connects students to their teachers. Students get class assignments, link to readings and guides selected by their teacher, collaborate with classmates, and work on self-paced learning activities. Families can see upcoming assignments and announcements, view assignments, test schedules and daily grades for current classes, and more. 

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Student Devices (Chromebooks)

All K-12 students will receive a district-issued Chromebook, charger and case to take home in order to access learning. Students use varying models of Chromebooks depending on grade level. These devices provide students access to the internet, their Google accounts and other web-based applications, including district resources such as Seesaw and our online learning system, Schoology.


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Digital Learning in Elementary School

In elementary school, digital learning focuses on helping students develop the skills needed to use technology for learning. Students apply these skills through instructional units that focus on an introduction to One91 Pathways, design and design-thinking, coding, using technology for communication and showing learning, digital storytelling, and digital citizenship.  Digital Learning class is part of the specialist rotation, which also includes Art, Music, and PE.